IMG_20140826_114434About Amber:

I have been a certified Yoga Teacher since 2008; off the mat I have a career as a Medical Microbiology Technologist.

My yoga journey began in 2007 while backpacking through India. In Kolkata I was introduced to Bihar Yoga and was instantly hooked. My senses were heightened, I had a greater awareness of my body, and an all-around increased sense of balance that carried into my life off the mat as well.

In my Vinyasa classes, I will teach you to unite movement with breath to help you get deeper into each pose and explore your body’s potential. My Hatha classes focus on proper alignment so that you can build a strong foundation for your practice. Clear and detailed guidance into each pose make my classes suitable for beginners, while also offering advanced options for more experienced yogis.

You can often find me one of three places: on my yoga mat, in the lab, or exploring in the mountains!


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